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Frequently Asked Questions


Webinars & CE Credits

We have assemble the best dental videos found on the web and categorized them in one place.
This webinars are posted by our approved academy instructors and organization, usually they are elegible for CE credits.
One you finish your webinar you click on complete button , under the lesson, then take the quiz test, then fill the course evaluation form and finally click on get my CE button. ALL of your CE`s will placed instantly in your profile under courses. We have added a new feature for you to be able to upload all of you courses and have them all organized and accesible 24/7 one place.

Making Courses

To change the account name and keep your account secured, you have to make a request and reason for ddspier.
To be able to post any lecture you have to apply as instructor, once your account is active as instructor, you will be able to upload your videos, preparar your quizzes, curriculum and assign a course certificate. For CE credits, the webinar or course need to follow the ADA guidelines that DDSPIER will sent if CE is requested.
Under your profile you will see your password change tab
Missing mobile purchase Please email your purchase receipt to

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